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We provide the best service based on
our full experience and know-how.

SMART PATENT LAW FIRM is composed of patent attorneys
who have long experience in KIPO as examiner & judge.

With our accumulated experience in the KIPO.,
we provide specialized services and customized solutions,
securing your intellectual property rights.

Attorney Introduction

Introducing a competent patent attorney with Smart Patent Law Firm.

Electricity, Electronics, Bio Field

Lee Seunghan (patent attorney)

Machinery, automobiles, inorganic materials Field

SHIM, Jae Man (patent attorney)

Electricity, Electronics, BM Field

YOON, Yong Hee (patent attorney)

Achinery, Basic Machinery, Precision Machinery Field

LEE, Chun Baek (patent attorney)

Chemistry, Agriculture & Fisheries, Food Field

HONG, Sun-Pyo (patent attorney)

CEO message

We sincerely thank you for visiting
our SMART PATENT LAW FIRM’s website.

Our SMART PATENT LAW FIRM provides high quality service for patent application and protection from the conceptive stage of invention when you try to develop products and services applied technology, and actively supports commercialization through technology trading of registered patent technology.

With wide knowledge and know-how about technology and industry accumulated through long experience, we are providing the best solution for patent registration and consulting services based on the size of the enterprise.

In order to reward your concerns and supports to us, we promise to
do our best to provide value-oriented intellectual property service from idea stage to commercialization process.

CEO LEE Seung han, SHIM Jae Man, YOON Yong Hee



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